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Charleston Family Law Attorney Protects Clients’ Interests

Determined lawyer serves South Carolina families

Whether you are seeking a divorce, trying to establish a fair child custody arrangement or pursuing financial support, a qualified family law attorney can protect your interests and help you reach a positive outcome. At Prenner Family Law and Mediation, we are dedicated to helping clients throughout Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas resolve their domestic challenges. Regardless of your specific family law issue, you can count on us to get you through the process with dignity, grace and a solid plan for your family’s future.

Accomplished attorney provides comprehensive family law representation

We serve families in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas in the following areas:

  • Family law — If you are facing a legal issue involving your family, we provide support for a wide range of family law matters, from adoption to marital dissolution.
  • Divorce — We handle divorce actions of all kinds, from uncontested dissolutions to contested cases involving complex marital assets, and have the experience and skills to navigate any issues that may arise in your case.
  • Support and alimony — Whether you are seeking child support or alimony or are being asked to pay, we will advocate for a fair and just award.
  • Child custody — When you are unable to reach agreement with your child’s other parent on child custody and visitation arrangements, we will develop a compelling case to protect your rights and advance your child’s best interests.
  • Equitable distribution — In dividing marital assets, the court applies a number of factors such as the spouses’ financial situations and their contributions to the marriage to ensure a fair distribution. We protect your rights by bringing all relevant factors to the court’s attention.

With the knowledge and determination to handle even the most difficult family law case, we look forward to learning how we can help you.

Contact an experienced South Carolina attorney for family law support

Prenner Family Law and Mediation has helped many clients throughout Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas resolve their family law challenges. Please call our office at 843-405-3704 or contact us online to discuss how we can help you.


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